Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr.England : 34 days later

It had been 34 days since we last saw each other or spoke to one another.
I had left the NYE party, and I later found out he hadn't missed a beat - that he had run into/run off with an Ex Girlfriend that night.

He messaged me. asking how roller derby was going. the convo was short and brief. I had no intention of ever seeing him again. but he was sweet and persistent.

On Saturday night, I went to a university style Keg party. I ended up becoming a total mess, and my roommate and 2 friends came to save me and took me home where I made glorious love to a porcelain God for the rest of the night.
and In my most fashionable drunk way, I proceeded to drunk text Mr. England, and The Carpenter. I must have opened my phone while drunk texting the Carpenter and must have seen Mr.England's name there, and thought it would be a good idea to text him too. (so many bad mistakes made that night) I ended up telling off the Carpenter, calling him a Dick, and telling him to never message me again. but thats another story...

***I may have also cried hysterically when I did this because The Carpenter makes me so upset... Sorry Friends!!! Let me tell the world, my friends are the best because they save me from myself, and let me drunk-cry my heart out and still give me high-fives in the morning for a job well done!***

so Tuesday rolls around, and Mr.England messages me again: "What happened on Sunday?"
Me: um oops, nothing? why?
Mr.England: You said you'd come watch the super bowl with me. You missed my party.
Me: Oops sorry, I had Derby practice...*scramble to check back texts, and find our convo. apparently we are besties again. I almost ended up going to his place that night. Thank god my friends took me home!.*

Then Mr. England asked me to go skating with him.
I said yes.

He's one of the only guys who's actually taken me out on dates before. and acted like a gentleman. Unlike the Carpenter, he actually tried to impress me, and we had a connection and a sparks-flying-first-Kiss... I was devastated when he turned out to be everything a friend warned me about ....... did he just wait long enough for me to forget what happened New Years Eve night...waite for me to forgive and forget?  If I give him a second chance, will he be the guy he says he is, and not the guy he's shown me he can become after a night of partying too hard?
and it's just skating.. .  I wont jump right back into anything with him.  . .

So, It's skating with Mr. England, a guy who treats me like a gem 90% of the time, and calls me "Luv",
or another night of tug-of-war with the Carpenter who treats me like his head mistress and calls me "Buddy"...

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