Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sh*t My Friends Say 2

This weekend, some of my Sorority sisters got together for an old school style  girly sleepover. complete with horrible-for-you-snacks, Movies, Truth or dare, Prank texts to boys (because, texting is the new prank calls) and girl talk until 6am.

here's a little bit of what came out of it:

RoommateN bought supplies to make homemade lipgloss.
Ingrediants; vasaline and cool-aid.
Instead of cool-aid, she had the calorie-wise crystal light packets.
So I said to her, :“ Oh that’s better anyway, cuz…Who wants to get fat from lipgloss?!”
RoommateN: “Why!? Are you gonna eat it?”
Bahahaha’s ensued

"They taste like CHEESE . . . balls!!!!"  *10 girls laugh hysterically*
said while eating some new giant tube of cheesy-poofs 

TGirl on a truth topic: "One time I ate a whole bag of starburst, and the next day I pooped and it was green!"

Friend pics dare:  her response to the instructions, which involve dressing like tarzan
“do you have to get naked?”
Prank Texting late at night:

  • on a scale of goat and elephant, where would you hide your marble?
  • on a scale of goat and elephant, which would you rather have sex with?
  • on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your willingness to have sex with a dolphin?
  • would you like some cha cha with your tango?
  • want to ride a carousel with me?
  • would you like some hot sauce with your goat?
  • Put ice cube down your pants and let it melt.
  • Sister runs to neighbor boys house, knocks on door and waits til someone answers to sing "I'm a little Tea Pot" . Sadly, no one was home. so instead, she stood in the drive way and screamed it to the world.

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