Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mr. England ...

Date 1: We met at a Christmas party.

Date 2: I swapped spit with the cute English boy.
he was an amazing kisser.
he's got that bad boy appeal to him.

we drank a few to many glasses of wine, and I could hardly make out what he was saying in his thick English accent. the more he drank, the harder it was to understand him. but damn it was hot.

Date 3:
He asked me to be his date for New Years Eve.
It started out fine. His friends were fun.

I say there is always 1 lesbian in every crowd. and guess what!? she latched on to me at this party. My date was confused and jelous of this...

so the night went on. and him and his friends were fun.
Until I realized they were the wrong kind of fun. They were all doing coke. and as the night went on, my date became an angry drunk crack head, and extremely aggressive.
To top it off, He kissed someone else at mid-night. We were standing there, and his one girl friend latched on to him. I just kind of stood there awkwardly watching this happen. I didn't kiss anybody at midnight...

After a few minutes, we ascended into a misunderstanding and he grumbled something in his thick angry English accent, threw his hands up in the air and turned and stormed off. I took this chance to get the hell away from him.

I hope I never see him again.

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