Thursday, February 9, 2012

Douchebag Diaries & Dancing Queens

The Carpenter, The End.
For realz this time guys. I swear.
I, once again, got drunk and told the Carpenter to shove it... (my true colors really shine when I get tipsy :p)
I was drinking with friends.
He messaged me, and asked if I had any juice boxes... *this was our code*
I asked him what we are doing? what am I to him?
He claimed he hadn't "been with" (he used much more explicit terms) the other girl in 3 weeks. but he still wasnt putting all his balls in my pocket.
I told him I'll never see him again.

Then my girlfriends and I went out to a local night club. . .

I was on a mission.

I danced with boys, and boys bought me drinks. I even did Tequila! and I am a lady, who never does shots! so this was huge. The night was a wicked party, and I was a dancing queen. *I also drunk text Mr.England. and again forgot the next morning, until he messaged me... dun dun duuuuuun - but thats another story*

I ran into an old online friend, lets call him J-boy. We had talked for months online , until I met someone and became exclusive with that person. We had all the pieces of the puzzle in line, we just never put them together.

I was dancing with his friend. We had never met in person; but we both recognized each other right away. I pulled a switch, made big shiney eyes with J-boy and we spent the rest of the night swapping info and numbers.

J-boy had it going on. we "clicked". I know I say this every time. but it was something more adventurous this time. We made plans to hang out again. We text each other all night and all day. and then, he dropped the bomb. He's leaving in a month.
*Sad Pouty face* BUT WE JUST GOT IT RIGHT!!! Why god, do you treat me like this.? You give me something so perfect,  fill me with butterflies and rainbows, and then snatch it back.  It seems like all I ever get is a small does of happiness with someone and then they are gone. or I just have a habit of finding the ones with short expiry dates.

This blows.

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