Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stike out for Bridge Boy, Round 2 goes to Mr. Veins

I went on a date with Mr Veins a while ago. we never really clicked. Maybe it was because he had a picture of himself all jacked-out-and-veiny on his Iphone(read about it here) . who really knows... :P He's also my anti-date type. I have only ever dated white men. It's just how I was raised to be, and my relationships in the past have reflected the racial stereotypes that I grew up with while living in an all-white-African house hold...(I know this isn't right, but its just part of who I am) it was a sizable deal for me to venture out with this guy.

anyway, We went on one date, and I just didn't feel the urge to do a follow up.

well, he's started messaging me again for a second date.
I wasn't going to go on any more dates, and try to give the relationship with Bridge Boy a serious effort, but Bridge boy got upset cuz im "not serious enough about us", and he accused me of just wanting to keep looking for something better, or have something on the side.

well, you know what Bridge Boy? It's kind of hard to have a relationship when you dont have regular sex. and the feelings aren't there yet. We have no intellectual conversations because you have nothing interesting to talk about. You are like talking to a child who still has not developed social etiquette. You seemed mature at first, but the truth is, you havent experienced life yet. You dont know anything about Relationships, or what I've lived through, or how to carry on a mature conversation about anything other than lifting weights and how much your father bugs you. You've never traveled, and have no desire to. and you are pushy as hell about us being a serious thing.

and I was trying. Trying to be patient. Trying to give a little. Trying to make it work. Trying to feel something. because, you seem to be a risk worth taking. but it's not good enough for you.
So I'm done.

and I'm giving Mr. Veins a second chance... why not? if nothing else I will have more good stories to share.

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