Sunday, January 22, 2012

deep thoughts on single images

so i was surfing the online dating site one night and feeling like i was going to die alone. thinking it was hopeless. and getting the sense, as I clicked, "like", "dislike", "dont wanna meet that guy", that other people were also judging my profile at the same time.

it makes me uncomfortable to be judged. i hate tests, and people watching me. people classifying me and trying to put me into a box: single, educated, mature, too young, too old, to curvy, not curvy enough. I just wanted to yell out "STOP JUDGING ME!!!"

sometimes dating and being single is the worst feeling in the world. everyone is so obsessed with "finding the one" and being an "Us". and all I wanted to do was have a quiet night at home, on my one night off. but now I have these words screaming through my head. with no peace in sight.

Then I came to a picture of 5 men doing a round of shots. This was a dating profile picture. and in the picture, all 5 men were balding. Receding hairlines. And I laughed to myself. this poor bunch of fellas. they have spent so much time together, they are losing their hair together. I stopped worrying about how I might be judged. It cant be worse than being a middle aged single man with thinning hair.

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