Friday, January 20, 2012

Girlfriends Guide: Advice from Mom

My mother once shared with me something very true and real about relationships. She told me, when she met my father, she didnt like him at all. (He was a high school jock, and a preppy jerk) They had mutual friends, and just hung around the same area. But over time, they grew to love each other, and then they got married. They are still together today, 30 years later. So you dont know who you will end up with, and everyone deserves a chance; sometimes it just takes a little extra time.

I started thinking about it - my relationship with Bridge Boy. and maybe I'm being difficult. I did say I wanted a relationship. When I was ready to give up on running wild & single, he fell into my life perfectly, wanting and giving me everything I said I wanted from a relationship. I do like the kid. In time he could be the right one...

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