Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bad Dates and Turn Offs

Here is a recap of some bad date highlights:

Mr .& Mrs. Negativity. always being a Debby-Downer. S/He says something negative; I reply with something positive and witty, and s/he still comes back with a "yeah but...something negative!" This is a total turn off.
I've dated a girls and guys who were like this. Sadness is unbecoming of anyone/everyone. People want to be happy. If you cant even fake a smile, you're not going to get very far.

Mr. Veins - an extreme body builder. I call him Mr. Veins because in most of his pictures, he is flexing and all vein-y... not so hot. We went on one date. He was Indian and tanned. He spoke hard-to-understand-English. He loved himself very much. He had a picture of himself flexing on his IPhone.... total turn-off.

The "I-dont-take-no-for-an-answer" Guy - he was a hard core country boy. his grammar and spoken English were horrible. and he was a shaggy looking mess. Total Turn Off. He had no car . . . I drove him home. completely awkward. and then proceeded to stalk me for weeks after. He sent me emails asking me to give him another chance, and telling me he was a good guy, and didnt understand why I wouldn't see him again. It's called - I have standards, and you're not up to par. sorry buddy, plz go away now. and even now I get the occasional msg from him saying "you have my number, call me" . . .

The guy who . . . looked super hot on his profile pic, and then we met in person, and he was missing an arm. It dawned on me afterward why he had no body shots and only pics of his face. but I couldnt get over the shock factor. I consider omitting your "special traits" to be the same as lying. if you know it makes people uncomfortable, you kinda have to give them the option of opting out before you embarrass your self.

The girl who looked super cute in her profile pic, and then was an extra 100 pound in real life....

That person who has really bad teeth and should never smile. Total Turn Off. (I know this makes me sound like a vein bitch, but seriously, take care of yourself! if you dont care about yourself, why should I care about you?)

That guy who orders wings and eats like a cave man. enough said.

and where it all started, with THIS GUY . . . ...I didnt date him, i just like to show people his picture when they ask me how online dating is going :)

**all images via google search**

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  1. BAHAHA the picture at the end!!! XD!!! My list of turn offs includes all of the above, and the guys who include their cars in their pictures...especially if its a shit box junker. It's hilarious, like they're trying to show off a hot rod pussy wagon, but its a 1996 honda civic or something LOL!