Friday, January 4, 2013

Excercise Ball for the Office

I replaced my office chair with an excercise ball, as I was having lower back pain from stress.
Also, sitting for 8 hours a day is hard on anyone's posture. AND, You burn more calories on a ball compared to a chair!

It instantly got great reviews from Co-workers. My boss even said "Everyone should have one!"
It definitly helps lower the back pain I was feeling. And it's fun! I just bounce all day long.

I still have a chair at my deck for customers to sit in, and sometimes bounce from ball to chair, as my ball is a bit low for my desk. If you are going to get one, I reccommend getting the biggest size available. My ball is 65cm. They go up to 88cm I believe, but bigger also costs more.

I found this info about Calories Burned from

Calories Burned

How many calories you actually burn while sitting on the ball depends on what you're doing. According to Harvard Health Publications, desk work burns about 106 calories per hour if you weigh 135 lbs., and about 156 calories per hour if you weigh 185 lbs. Apply the 6-percent increase for sitting on an exercise ball and you can expect to burn about 112 to 165 calories per hour during office work on the ball.

Read more:

Sometimes it's hard because the ball takes more energy to move for files on my desk and to turn around. a Definite core work out at all times.

They Also have a Chair for your ball which would make rolling around a bit easier. How fun!

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