Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr. Delivery - Sad Good-byes

Mr. Delivery dropped in today. Bringing the monthly schedule of deals between our company and his.

He stopped by my desk as usual and we chatted a bit.
My boss was busy, and the usual drop off of papers was a no go today because Mr. Delivery needed to discuss our schedule with Mr. Boss.

It turns out, due to recent cut backs by my company, we are no longer dealing with Mr. Delivery after this month.... *sad face* *little-bit-of-heartbreak*

He's hoping to turn this around and maybe make something else work. But there is little hope with the cutbacks our company is facing and our market being down...

I'm going to miss his "Hello Roller-Girl" greetings, the un-announced visits and his witty charming ways.

another man, another chapter in my book. closed.

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