Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Room mates and floaters

Today I went home for lunch.
I live with 3 other people.
They were all out when I arrived home.

I had to pee really bad, and ran into the main level bathroom.
and there was a FLOATER!
Mortified, Mortified, Mortified!

Its bad enough people have to poop. but leaving it so other people have to look at it! ICK!
My germophobia kicks into high gear when I have to shake hands for business meetings.
Having to flush a fresh one doesn't do much for my anxiety levels.

I suspect everyone in the house of being guilty at this point.
But then I started thinking, maybe someone dropped into our house and left ti there on purpose!?
Maybe its a joke?
Maybe its an accident?
Now I'm over analyzing this floater. and its raisign my bload pressure.

I then followed up with a surgical scrub to somewhat sooth my spastic feelings of creepy crawlies all over .

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