Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inlaws are Evil - A Thanksgiving Tale

SpitFire and I spent this Thanksgiving with his family.
His mother is a wonderful cook, and his sister in law has proven herself worthy as well after this weekend.

It was Sis-inlaw's first time cooking a turkey. She had everyone over and made a big feast of turkey, potatoes and carrots.
SpitFires Mother made her famous Broccoli salad, and stuffing to go with it.
SpitFire and I brought the wine. as per usual. (why cook when you can drink!?)

we all sat down and our little niece said grace.
Everyone dug in and the food was so good.
I have some of everything. Even the turkey. My usual vegetarian-self took the day off to be kind to his hard worked sis-inlaw.

We finished dinner and all sat around talking.
His Brother looks over at me and says, did  you like the stuffing?
Me: "yes. It was very good"
Brother: "Very Good?"
Me: "Yes.... why"
Brother: "did they tell you it was made with chicken and turkey hearts?"
Me: *face turns to angry frown and cringe* "No"

Whole family starts to laugh.
Me in a frank tone: "Where I come from, stuffing is made with bread and spices. If I had been warned, I would have passed." finishes sentence with a glare towards Spitfire and his mother.

Family stops laughing.
They begin to feel sorry; and start making excuses like 'we didn't know you would be offended', and 'we came from a family of 8, so we had to use everything to feed everyone'.

I ignore their sad stories, and ask Spitfire for a refill on my wine.

Lesson learned: Never trust anyone with your food. Never Trust Inlaws.

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