Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Pass - Harvest Jazz 2012

Remember that time I had free Ultimate Hardcore Passes to Harvest Jazz Fest in Fredericton NB 2012!?

Yes, that was Last weekend!

My Date for the Night: My Love, SpitFire on Friday night, and My good Friend Hil on Saturday.

Who We saw:
Tedeschi Jazz Band Friday Night
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Some other crazy cool Jazz funk guy, and a surprise show with Wintersleep, Saturday night.

What we drank:
Friday - Vodka and diet cokes - the Spit Fire special.
Saturday Night - They were out of white wine at the jazz tent so we had red wine there; and they were our of red wine at the Barracks tent, so we had white wine there.

Favorite Moments:
Friday night date night with my hubby to be all night long. We've been pinching pennys lately and so busy with Roller Derby tournaments aproaching, so it was nice to get out and have a real date night. And the music was GREAT!

Saturday Night- the surprise Wintersleep Show! and sharing dirty secrets with one of my besties! It was a great girls night out!

What I wish was different:
There simply is not enough bathrooms available for this many people in one place! It's so bad, they have people on security duty just to supervise trees and allys, to make sure people don't pop a squat and pee behind them. It's kind of rediculous.

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