Friday, September 21, 2012

To be a Winner, you have to act like one- with class.

My Roller Derby Team is off to the Atlantic Tournament this weekend in Saint John NB.

We have worked long and hard to get to this point. We are kicking butt on the track and fighting it out with everything we've got. We are dreaming big with hopes of gold.

We ended last years season with a nearly perfect record of every game loss. and were desirably named the underdogs of the year with lots of heart. This year we are hoping to change this title and actually take home a few wins. I'm 100% positive we will.

In Prep for this weekend, we came up with some new entrance songs, and team cheers. This sparked a new blog for me, as I do not currently support some of my teams views on sportsmanship and winning. Here's my take:

The key to winning, not according to Mr. C Sheen; but rather, according to a very Diva Derby Doll.

#1 most important rule : Live your dream and Visualize it.

-Wear the color Gold on your uniform.
- Practice positive thinking - We are going to do great! We are going to Win!
- Verbalize Strong Team Formation with a fitting cheer
What we want - "Go For Gold!"
Motivation - "What are we? Thaaaaaa BOMB!"  or "Daisy Cutters, Cut Her Down!"
Proud Team Name shout out - "CCR"
And my favorite chants of all are those lead by Captains and answered by teammates:
"Captain: "Who Are we?"
Team : "The Daisy Cutters!"
Captain: "What We gonna do?"
Team: "Cut Them Down!"
Captain : "Why are We Here?"
Team: "To Win!"
 Captain: "3..2..1.."
Team: "BANG"

When you build a winning team, it needs to be a flow of continues power leading to the same end goal. Winning.

Our Team captains stack our line ups with our best players. Our Coaches push us with death enticing drills, and kill us with endless strategy training. Our talk is always of becoming the best.

We want to win, and we want to stay classy doing it.
No drama, no negativity, no poor sportsmanship.

Leading to my next point: How Not to Focus, and How not to inspire Gold Medal games:

- Eat Poorly
- stress your body with lack of sleep.
- don't prepare mentally.

and the big kicker for me this week on negative prep for winning Gold...
We went to pick our game team cheer, and someone suggested "dont fall on the sausage" or "Sausage Party" or something to that effect  . . . and the rest of the team voted in agreement... and somehow this passed.

 . . .

How the *Beep* is this classy, or positive or inspiring? How does this meet the rest of our goals, how we train, and what we work for?
Frankly it's nothing more than a stupid inside joke known by a few teammates. and when public audience hears this cheer they are going to think - what the *Beep* is wrong with those girls?

Some people argue that it is "fun" or "funny".
That's fine. have your fun. But there is a time for fun. and right now we should be focused on winning and being the best, not mediocre clowns.

If our goals and mottos have been to work hard, play hard, and rock it with class; then this cheer does not fit the mold we have created.
And if we lose, we will be known as the girls who love sausage...

Go Team Go . . .

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