Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Do Not Call Him"

I could not delete the Carpenter from my life. for a few reasons.
1. when you delete someone, and they call, and you dont recognise the number, you answer... I have a need to censor everything that comes through my phone.
2. he still texts me once every day or so. and called me the other night. and every time that phone rings, it f*cks with my head and my heart.
3. my attachment to him is still to strong to let go. but I'm weening myself from him, and have help from a new love interest to keep my focus on other things...

so I changed his label on my cell to read "Do Not Call Him" and this is what shows up every time he calls or texts me now. It's a mental reminder that this guy is bad news. to stay away, and not to give in. and i read what he says, and reply "I'm Busy" and then delete the conversation. or if he calls,  i press "ignore".

I have standards and I'm not going to give in to some guys f*cked up way of living and treating women.

John Mayer - dreaming with a broken heart : "the giving up is the hardest part"

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. Totally changing Cory's name to "Don't Text Back" in my phone!