Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Ouma Style!

It's Valentines day. and I have no specific Valentine.  so I posted this on my facebook status:
"No Valentines for this Derby Girl. I'm gonna give somebody a Big Derby Bruise/BootyBlock today to make up for it! :D"

To which my Mother replied:
"considering how much like your grandmother you are, it surprises me that you have not yet copied her with this little matter: she always pruchased herself a gift for those days like birthdays, valentines and christmas ---- that is how she came to have all those jewellery and scarves and she did have a fair number of purses and shoes!!!!"

So, in honor of my late-and much loved- Grand Mother, I'm going shopping today!

Happy Valentines Day to ME! 
*and to you, Ouma, sitting on your cloud, smiling down on me. Thank you., you are the reason I bacame a strong successful woman, and can stand strong alone on my own two feet*

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