Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shit my Friends Say

*Morning after a Party- A friend of ours had kidney stones, this was our conversation*
T-girl: Im so glad he came to the party, he had Kidney stones you know.
RoommateN: Ya, they must have passed, so he felt better
Me: I wonder if he kept them
T-Girl: *Yelling* WHY WOULD HE KEEP THEM!?!?
Me: People collect that shit! Go to a pawn shop. The bigger they are, the more expensive they are! *FACT*
RoommateN: They say passing kidney stones is worse than giving birth.
T-Girl: WTF
RoommateK: Yeah, it's like when people have a baby, they keep the baby; so why wouldn't you keep your kidney stones.

*Conversation on being good friends*
T-Girl to C- Boy: "We should be good friends! cuz like, I would never give you a blow job or anything"
C-Boy to T-Girl"How does that make you a good friend!?"

*Scene: Pirate Party - Boy throws sword at RoommateN.*
RoommateN: You hit me in the vagina!
Vagina Boy: *Blushes*
RoommateN: What!? You embarrassed by the word Vagina? you scared of vaginas? Vagina Boy, Vagina Boy!!! Everyone call him Vagina Boy!