Monday, January 23, 2012

Twitch, an island boy

I did the unthinkable this past Christmas. This is my confessional.
Dear fellow bloggers and readers, please forgive my sins. :P

... I left my family on Christmas to get laid.
I even lied about it. I told them I was going to meet some of the local derby girls from the Island Team for drinks. Shameful, I know.

It was just myself and my parents. For a week. I love them. dont get me wrong. but I can only stand them for so long. and when the calling of a male encounter arose, I jumped at the situation.
Twitch was a Christmas fling thing. We spent 4 nights, out of the 6 that I was on the island, together.

I seem to be dating 2 types of men now: the body builder, and the nerd.
Twitch was a body builder.
and he had the typical quirks of a body builder. That ever so slight roid-rage when talking about something intense; which played well into the bedroom ;)
and he had a tick. He would rap/rub his nose with his fist/knuckles three times. and when he did this, it would make this sounds like when you rub your knuckles across your hand/fingers in a fast motion. This is why I call him Twitch.

He's become my island fling. We have stayed in touch. We text each other sometimes. He asks when I will be "home(on the island) again" and I always tell him, "soon". It's a sweet interaction that only means something to him and I. It keeps the excitement of our short encounters alive.

I enjoy the comfort of knowing I have men in every major city I visit. It keeps the feeling of loneliness at bay for a while. Knowing I can go almost anywhere and find someone to spend a little time with. I've created this nice and neat little web, and in it are all of my catch. I've turned into the black widow spider. . .

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