Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Coworker and Me

My coworker is trying to figure me out....
its kinda weird, a little bit flattering, and sometimes awkward.
She's read books about my work style. and my fashion sense. and tries to make jokes about cute boys and girls with me...

She's a very church-y person. always praying and very sweet. Overly happy, but I would rather overly happy, than some of the cranks I've worked with in the past. Picture someone who talkes in a high pitched baby voice... all day long. That's her.

I dont know, but I dont think I'm that interesting or confusing. . .
Having a coworker stalk me is a strange thing. I pray to god she never finds my blog or working together will get seriously awkward.

So, I've decided to highlight some of my favorite things, quirks, and habits which she has cited for me in her findings:

1. I often reply with no words, but rather a happy sound that goes "mmmHmmm!" - she's started doing this too, the other workers picked up on it and laugh at her for it.

2. I like to wear shiny things, or anything that sparkles and is colorful. She bought me sparkly tabs for my work binders and gave me colorful folders for my file cabinet.

3. my sexuality is a very confusing thing. I'm so girlie, the fact that I would even consider sharing clothes and shoes with a "girl-partner" is unimaginable. She thought I'd be best paired with a manly country boy. She asked me if I was just drunk and being funny when I told my coworkers I had a girlfriend. She was kind of in denial about it for a week.

4. I speak my mind, and keep everyone guessing. She never knows what I'll say next and laughs hysterically at most of the things I say.

5. breakfast/coffee is my favorite food/time of day.

6. I listen to music when I work. This makes me creative and productive according to her research :P

7. my favorite color is pink.

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