Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pro Life Geek

I once dated a guy who was over the top with his views. He became known to my friends as the Pro Life Geek. I like to think of him as the modern day Hitler.

We had an argument one night about pro life vs. pro choice.

He debated his side for life. He is one of those people you see on the sidewalk in front of the clinic holding those ridiculous signs and harassing the poor girls going into the clinic.

I dont think you can know what someone is going through to have to go to such a clinic, and you dont have the right to make them more ashamed of their choices, or belittle them for being in a what could probably be an uncontrollable situation. It's not your life, you don't nkow them or their values, or why they are making those choices.

and I shared with him my views and reasons why I am pro choice. I believe in compassion. It got to the point where he was absolutely agitated and put off by the fact I would not change my view point and join his side. I told him, I'm sorry, I've heard your points, but I am not changing my belief in this matter right now. I will think about it more if you like, and we can talk about this again another time, but I'm not changing my stand just because you think I'm stupid for having this opinion.

Shortly after this we split.
He had many opinions which he thought I was an idiot for not following. He only listened to classical music, like Beethoven and Mozart, because he believed it was the only intelligent matter. He took me to a play, and made me read and study the play beforehand so we could debate and discuss it after. He was a fun-sucker.

I'm the type of person who makes my own decisions. I have my own mind. I've done my homework on my beliefs and values and I dont push them on any one else. I respect your views, as you should mine.

In short this guy was over barring and socially retarded. My roommates were so happy the day we split. They told me, after the fact, that they were worried because he seemed controlling and closed minded. He has some issues he needs to work on before he should have a relationship. You cant control people, or their minds. If you believe you can, you're nothing more than a modern day Hitler. Good luck to you.

The best part?
This morning my roommate sent me a news clipping. The front page story was a pro life society ratification story. and who was on the cover? Mr. Pro-Life Geek.
Well, good on you for keeping with your views big boy. Have you found a girl who will be submissive to you yet? Are you happy? I'm proud of him for standing up for his beliefs, but nothing good can come of this if you dont go about it the right way. Good Luck with that.

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