Friday, January 6, 2012

Bridge Boy

We met for the first time on the walking bridge. This is one of my favorite places to go on a date. There's a beautiful scene of my favorite place to live, and the atmosphere is charged with potential romance.

On this evening it was freezing. (-25 or something crazy Canadian winter time) we walked and talked. He's a twenty-something, about 3 years younger than myself. He's big into body building and seems to be a hard working goal driven individual. He really seems to have his shit together.

Then I headed to derby practice for the night.
He messaged me right away to ask to see me again.
So we met up again that same night. nothing kinky; just cuddles all night long; like high school kids. I was so tired, I snored. and may have drooled in my sleep. He made fun of me for this the next day. I diverted this embarrassing moment by pulling out one of my awesome cheesy jokes: Whats Black, White, and has 16 wheels? ...a Zebra on Roller Skates!
It totally worked, cuz guess what?
The next night he came over again!
we played an epic game of Jenga. Turns out he's the perfect match for me because he takes it as serious as I do, and this game turned into on epic tipping tower of fun. Before he left, he asked me to spend the next day with him again.

I enjoy the fact that he is pursuing me, and I dont have to worry if he likes me, or think about if he actually wants to see me again. He lays it right on the line. He's bold about what he wants and takes charge. This could work for me :)

***Cut to night 3***
We've spent 3 nights together. 2 of those, he slept over. In none of those, we had sex. We haven't talked about it. or tempted to push that far. We just hang out, and snuggle all night. It almost seems . . . not normal? There seems to be no pressure to do it; but it seems weird to not do it.

How often do you meet a guy who actually waits for the right time to make love to a girl?
Now my mind is racing.
He's so cute, and seems sure of himself; he can't be a virgin. . . ?
We click and seem to have chemistry, so he must want me. . . ?
Could he be overly religious?
Could his sex number be far less than mine?
Could we be sliding into the friend zone?

oh dear....


  1. Maybe he's just into taking it slow? If it continues that way for more than a week I'd ask him where he thinks its going.

  2. Could you be over thinking this a bit? ;)