Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Awkward Moments at Work

You're in the middle of deep and important  conversation with your boss.
Look at your boss **try to look smart, thoughtful, agreeing**
and this thought pops into your head - God I want to have sex right now!
Then think to yourself - oh dammit! why did that just happen!?! Do I want to have sex with my boss right now? no. or do i...?  now I feel awkward. can he hear my thoughts? God I hope not. Oh God, am I blushing?  **Face gets red**

and you stand there trying not to be awkward, but all thought processing has gone to hell at this point. and then the inevitable end of discussion question comes; and he says - "What are you're thoughts on this?"

Me - "Sounds great! I have nothing to add**Big Smiles** and try to end convo as fast as possible and scurry back to my desk, so I can hide!

Ever have a moment like this?

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