Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Margarita Mondays

And then there was Margarita Mondays.
 He's a kind, and easy going guy - Pro.
Military man - Con. 
He has huge potential out of the few men I've been dating - Pro.
His quirks: he cleans during a party - potential Pro, if its not OCD.
He picks me up, and walks me to the door after every date - Pro.

We met online. and had a few dates at a place where they do Margaritas  half price on Mondays. This became our standard date night for a while. and so he was aptly dubbed - Margarita Mondays guy.

My roomies then dubbed him Mr. Clean. They look one and the same. and his quirky party habit plays into it even more so.

Relationship - still undefined

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