Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Comeback!

When Big D. broke up with me, his reasoning was this - "Your Hair is flat. It used to be big and fun. And I've lost the spark..."

Well Bitch... I've lost 12 inches - thanks to my Fabulous Personal Trainer at ELEMENTAL Health & Fitness Consulting ( - and got a fab make-over.

Look Who's Spark-less now!

I can fix my hair. You can't fix your shitty personality!

And Tonight, I Go Back to Roller Derby!
I took a short leave to fix my broken heart. and I'm so excited to start up again! My Derby Sisters have been an amazing support system, both on and off track. Here's my new Derby-Girl Promo Pic!

I may fall. But I will always get back up!

Cheers, To being Single and Fabulous!

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  1. you are TOTALLY fabulous, so glad to have you back on the track!