Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dating diaries continued

Right now at work, I'm supposed to be chatting up the stars. Like Ellen Page, and Jim Carrey. But I'd much rather share my latest single girl stories with you all.

So, I've been seeing Alexander Pertovsky again... old men are like drugs to me. I can't stay away. well. I just like the way they act old fashioned-gentlemen-like and spoil me.

Today is a rough day at work.
He spent the night, and snores like crazy! I felt like I was sleeping in a cave with an echo of a bear.

He comes to visit me, and tells his 3 kids about me now.
I'm still torn with the non-child-making abilities. Every time I see a little baby, I desperately want one, and find myself wishing I had the chance and getting upset about it.
also; he is not the most fit of men. most older men aren't. they have that oh so sexy beer gut thing going on.

Last night I paid for dinner, and this morning I made sure he took everything with him when he left. This is my secret play to kick him out the door. Last time, he left his shoes- sneaky bastard- so i had to see him again. I'm going to try and move on from here. It's been fun. But it's not for me.

I think I want to date a body builder next. Some big hunk of a man who can pick me up and throw me around :)

And I'm working so hard on my shape right now, I think it only fair to have an equally handsome partner in crime.
But; I recently hooked up with a body builder, and he liked to do some strange stuff in bed. like the choking game....

I'm not sure, but I like to breathe. just sayin.

They say it's supposed to make your orgasm better; but can't say I'm a fan of that quirky crap in bed...

Unless of course it was Vin Diesel Doing it.

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  1. thats not the first time I weird of muscle-men liking kinky stuff, strange