Thursday, September 2, 2010

Work ... with a Twist of Cute

So It's Official! I'm doing my work placement with Sunlife for the month of October; and They took me on, on the condition that I would stay on after and work for them permanently! Yay Me!
I'm excited to start because I will be spending a lot of time with a my new manager who looks like Jim Halpert from "The Office".

Are you jealous yet? Hehe.
(Image Via Give Me My Remote)

Once my internship is over, I get a lovely little office in the heart of downtown, like I had been dreaming of these past few weeks, along with a signing bonus. Can this seriously be happening!?!
And, once I've completed the 100 hour certification course, I'll be my own independent boss and business under the corporate structure that is Sunlife! I start the certification course the day I arrive for my internship with my new Manager, "Jim", to mentor me through the program. I'm so very excited