Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation Update!

This Labour Day weekend was spent with 200 family members from Big D's side.

The Pare' Family hosted the 90th Family Reunion in Val-Morin, Quebec. We met all of Big D's long lost relatives and heard many tales of grand parents past. We even found out we are related to people we know in this very city! Big D and I frequent a restaurant where a third-cousin-twice-removed works, and we see the person often, so that was a big fun surprise for us!

The weekend kicked off with a corn boil for nearly 300 people.
Then there was a family contest, where a man from each generation represented his section of the family dressed in his best outfit. The oldest Representative was about 87, who tied for 1st place with "Lady GaGa", a representative of our New Generation. And this is a talent show they put on every year apparently. It was just too funny!
We finished the day with a huge family dinner, buffet style. It was sooo yummy! They had a slide show and family sing-song show after this. Big D got very ridiculously drunk with his cousins from Brittan and Vancouver; and I snuck off to bed.

On Sunday there was the Annual Family Tennis Tournament. Big D wanted to play so badly, but our family corespondent did not put his name into the roster on time. So we watched and drank all day; which is more my speed anyway.

The Day ended with another huge family meal, and then we all ventured down to the beach shore to watch some fireworks put on by one of the senior-uncles.
It was quite lovely getting to know Big D's family and history. I look forward to many more years of big family reunions like this one!

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