Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to Pull Out The Power Suit

As made famous in the movie Working Girl; I am in search of a new power suit to fit my *almost* new job! I'm just one interview away; after a line of emails, meetings, online career quiz, and a final interview on Monday.
The Manager commended me on my brave and confident attitude during the first meeting. He then informed me that he was quite impressed with my quiz scores, as they are of the best he's ever seen.

My New Career Goals:

  • Make enough income to support my lifestyle of choice
  • have a job that provides flexible work schedules
  • feel rewarded by what I am accomplishing every day. Even if the only thing I accomplished that day was listen to 100 hang-ups
  • Become my own boss with a cozy office and a window view of the Downtown water front!

As a Financial Advisor, I will be networking with millions of people, make a difference in someones life, and have a job that allows me the flexibility to attain my future goals, both career and personal.

I am looking very forward to it. Wish me luck on this last interview!

1 comment:

  1. You will be fabulous of course hun! But good luck anyways!!!