Monday, August 30, 2010

Beat the Heat

Last night Big D. and I went to a Movie Under the Stars. We'd never been to one in all the years we have lived in Freddy! They showed the original James Bond. It's amazing how many people came out for it! The Barracks square was filled from corner to corner with rows of camping chairs and picnic blankets. It was very romantical.

My Monday got off to a wonderful start! I woke up early to prep for my interview. It went exceptionally well!

Then Big D. and I decided it was too hot to be productive today, So we revamped all plans and had a Margarita Monday in the back yard with homemade yummy Margaritas!

I feel so bad for my little pooch Toby in all the heat. I gave him a mini make-over hair cut to tame the warm fur coat he's wearing.

How are you beating the heat?


  1. Im staying in the pool for the most part and I may sleep on a floatie tonight out there.