Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Visitors

Today I had 2 lovely visitors come knock at my door.

After a knock; I opened the door to see two ladies standing there in the rain. They were wearing long modest skirts. Their name tags said "Sister T." and "Sister M." This grabbed my attention and I struck up a conversation about my sister name in the sorority I belong to.

They seemed very friendly and a bit weather beaten; So I invited them in! Big D. had just come home, and was a bit confused as to who my new guests were. I introduced him as my Fiance and the 2 girls laughed and giggled with me over the excitement of our upcoming wedding. (Dave now thinks I've officially gone crazy)

We chatted a bit about what they do, and I was very surprised to hear they walk the streets from 10 am to 9pm every day "spreading the word". I think that's crazy! no one should work that hard! especially without being paid. I commended them on their determination.

They gave me this card; I think the art work is lovely

One of the girls shared with me that her brother had recently gotten married; but she did not attend his wedding because she was busy traveling for this mission. This just made me sad. That's a huge sacrifice,to have to miss such life events; to miss your own brothers wedding.

Then they picked up their bags, filled up their water bottles and thanked me for being such a smiling face on their journey. I made their day; so they told me. and off they went back into the rain.

Now Big D. is trying to make fun of me. He says that inviting Mormons into our house was the last crazy thing he ever expected me to do. But I think they were sweet girls who deserved a break. And I enjoyed their visit!

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  1. as they say here down under, Good on 'ya! Thats awesome hun and very sweet of you!