Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holidays... or lack there of.

right now I'm suffering from some serious tanning envy! I'm so addicted to Tanning, along with my Weave. These are my two beauty crutches, which I believe I have disclosed before.

Its the week after NB March Break, and people are rolling back from their wonderful sunshine getaways, looking like little chocolate tanned babes. The sad part about being an adult is, you don't get those weeks off anymore. you're lucky if you get 2 sick days a year! It makes me sad and envious of how fabulous everyones skin looks after a good wholesome week on the beach.

I have tanned all winter as per usual, but you can't beat that natural color from the Bahamas!

So here's my plan for my very un-eventful afternoon on this lovely -1 chill day in Freddy Canada: Miami Tanning, 8 minutes in the super bed, followed by spray or lotion tan. bring on the orange 'Lohan Glow' I love so much!

Bahahaha, Just Kidding! ...but I am still going tanning.

Random News: Lindsay Lohan’s Sevin Nyne spray will be available May 1 in Sephora stores for $35, but you can order it early at Sephora.com on April 15.

And Who Doesn't Love Sephora!

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