Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facebook Is The Devil!

Time For A Good Rant! (reader beware)

Facebook is the Devil!

It does you no favors. you think you are re-connecting with long lost friends; but really, they are just laughing at how fat you've become over the past 10 years since high school.

just like everything in the technology age, it takes the personality out of being a person.

like texting; why can't you pick up the phone and give me a friggen call! don't email or text me a thousand word essay!

It ruins friendships. your 'friends' have a night of drinks and dancing, and you see their pictures and posts to each other the next day... you weren't invited.

when people "tag" you in a photo, 9 times out of 10 it's horrible! and not to mention unprofessional. why in the world would I want my boobs plastered all over the Internet? So my fiance's great grandmother can see what a skank I am of course!

It's the perfect way to drive yourself crazy! you sit at home waiting for people to "be your friend", and base every thing you know about a person on their relationship status. (Once my status was "engaged" to my best guy friend from high school as a joke. soooo many people were utterly confused by this, as I had a steady Boyfriend on the side.)

That crazy Ex loves to stalk you this way! it gives him a play by play of where you'll be next.

The crazy Wife of your ex-lover can also stalk you this way. and she does not believe for a second it's really over, so you continuously get hate mail.

I prefer to Blog about my issues, where select and worthy readers can choose to sympathize with or ignore me.
I dont need 10,000 imaginary facebook friends to know I'm not alone in this world. I don't need people stalking me through so-and-so's friend who saw my picture through their friends, brothers, girlfriends, fifth cousin, once removed, great aunt's facebook page.

I do need my own corner of the net where I can vent about things that bug me. and I'm glad you have taken this time to listen. Now you deserve a treat: a picture of a cute lil pup! my girlfriends Chi-Baby buried in the sand one beach day! So Cute!

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  1. oooooh i agree 100,000% with you on everything you just said. I've been an avid facebook hater since the fall and deleted my account once and for all. (reactivated it a few times but right now, it's permanently deleted and I couldn't be happier)
    When people tag photos, I always untagged myself but they would never delete them because people fucking suck!!
    I never answer answer text messages unless it's from Boyfriend-Unit and he's at work and can't physically talk on the phone. I'm sick of getting ten thousand "Hey whats up" texts, so i changed my phone number. (i'm an extremist)
    facebook also ruins any modicum of privacy you wanted, everyone knows your shit all the time AND you get sucked into other people's bullshit drama through their WHINY status updates.

    In short, I hate facebook as well.