Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nike FuelBand

So, I recently did a post about the Niek FuelBand and a nother body step tracking wrist band.
and then my mind started going...
I Want it.
I have to have it!
Its all I could think about.

and so I found one. and Bought it!
Hello, my name is Michelle. And I am a Gadget Whore.

Unwrapping it and hooking it up to my computer was pure excitement. And there are lots of little led lights that excite me even more.

Once you download and update all your info, the band syncs and says -GO!- in flashing led lights. Soooo pretty. Im like a moth to a flame with this thing.

So far - Loving it.
I showed a few co-workers my new gadget too, and they were wowed by it too. Its awe-inspiring.  and makes me feel cool. (haha, I know Im so lame)

Proud to be a Gadget Whore.

I believe my hubby is personally timing the days until I get tired of it and it starts collecting dust on the shelf.

We will see about that.

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