Monday, April 8, 2013

Try Somethign New: Chiropractic Helth

Today I traded in my fears of Doctors and therapists, and bad news, for help with my aches and pains. Specifically on Knee and back pains.

I went to see a Chiropractor.
We did:
- a Beginning Assessment, where I professed my whoas and bad habits of all sorts.
- acupuncture electrical stimulation therapy - which was freekin' weird! But he claims it will be worth it tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on that one...
- short massage and bend movements - He cracked my back like 4 times! which made me feel so good! I'm a big ball of tense! ick.
- and Knee Taping - to re-align my bad knee.

The big one for me was, what I have dubbed "Shock therapy" , Electro-Acupuncture  on my knees. *My knees are shot from over 3 years of constant bad falls in Roller Derby.
The Doctor put a couple tiny needles into each of my knees, and hooked up tiny amp thingys to each one. Like a tiny human car battery booster.

He then gave me a hand-held-control which had dials that turned up the electrical pulse on the needles in my knees. I was to turn up the shock as high as I possibly could. We did this for about 5 minutes(because I'm a pussy and didn't want to do it anymore). It was the most strange thing I have ever felt. Kind of like pins and needles when your limb falls asleep, But with more constant vibrating.

Here are some Scholarly Articles on Electro-Acupunture from Google Scholar.

If you haven't tried this for your aches and pains, It may or may not work for you. but It sure is interesting to try if you are open to the idea.

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