Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I done it now.
I thought avoiding Co-ed gyms would be safe with my colorful history of encounters. 
I joined the all-womens gym in strategy of avoiding men, and ex-dates/boys. 

but I did not factor in one new life trend.
My stint in dating ladies, has resulted in running into them... at the all womens gym! Gah! Shock! My ignorance got me good this time.

and at a recent gym appointment I ran into a girl I would chat up online, and regularly flirt with at the local gayhub-nightclub. Well, She didnt see/recognise me in my gym gear. I saw her first and ran back into the change room to hide, and make an escape plan.

Only, I couldn't leave because my personal training session was starting any minute. I peered out into the gym looking for my trainer, so I could jump right into training and be Supper Focused - too focused to talk to ex-lady-friend.

My Trainer was late....

I puttered in the change room a little bit. Then wandered cautiously onto the gym floor like a stealthy cat. And there I stood near the weights on the opposite side, just behind the treadmills where ex-lady-friend was working out. Awkwardly "stretching" and doing strange on the spot lunges and squats, waiting for my trainer, and keeping one eye on the lady, ready to run if she turned and recognised me.

This is perhaps one of the most awkward situations I have found myself in, in quite some time.
I did manage to avoid said-lady-friend successfully.

But now, it's just a matter of time before I run into her again, or another girl from the past... eek.
I never realised before how many of those women were lezbinos... now I can pick them out a mile away. it's quite shocking.

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