Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SpitFire's Birthday

It was my HoneyBear's Birthday this Nov. 13th. (He was born on a Friday too)

I had planned to build the most manly bouquet I could for his gift.

...But I failed at that idea. So I'll keep it for another time.

So what did I get him that was awesome?

This ring: Which I previewed a while ago. and he was so proud to put it on right away.

  And these awesome gloves:
Touch Screen Gloves for the touch-screen user.
And they were a hit with SpitFire. He absolutely thinks they are the coolest thing, and is super happy with how they work too.

These guys retail for about $10. but you can find them at a local store for less if you shop around.

And if you are super cheap, then give your hunny a pair of these:

Homemade of course would be best *snip*snip* :p

And then I gave him a bundle of his favorite childhood candy:
Laffy Taffy - Willy Wonka just started putting these out again around Halloween and SpritFire reminisced about how much he loved these as a kid. We have a box of mini's which he devoured in less than a week.
 I totally scored when I found full sized ones at the local bulk dollar store.

And SpitFire had a very Happy Birthday.

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  1. Where did you find the gloves? They're genuis.