Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I need a make-over

A Wardrobe Make-over.

It's been a long time since I've really rocked a good shopping spree.
In my past jobs I've always worked in fine retail stores and had tip-top fashion as a staple on a budget with the amazing staff discounts that came with the job. Each season I'd give away the old, and purchase the new. It was a dream.

My new job still gets me new gear... but it's more like mom sweaters and sportswear. not fashion forward pieces that I love and crave.

Once a month I may purchase a new item. but not enough to really make my wardrobe up to date and edgy again.

I've done some "research" on what I should get.
My main focus is on my Black Hair. Items that will not wash me out with my golden tan and black weave are a must.

I'm getting rid of all blah-tones and browns and faded color pallets.

My new wardrobe guidelines will be:
-Bright Tones - Reds, Royal Blues, Purples, Greens, Black & Grey Basics.
-Warm and cozy - I'm always cold, and I LOVE Sweater Dresses with tall Boots and colored Scarves!!!
- multi-wear mix and match pieces. (Hint: if you shop at Le Chateu, they organize their store in sections. Usually you can go to 1 wall, and everything on it is a co-ordinate with the rest of the items on that wall.

Some Trends I found on Google that I love:

And I just LOVE this Neon Dress:

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  1. You should donate the old stuff to IBX...we're doing the IBX frenchies all year long now ;)!!