Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spa Style

My parents have bough SpitFire and I a HotTub as a wedding gift.
It's been 4 weeks now that we've picked out the perfect tub and placed our order.
The anticipation builds with each day.
Where is it!? check the delivery status.
Where is it?! look out at the newly built back deck paitiently awating it's new decor to arrive.
Where is it!? feeling the cold chill of autumn air and dreaming of nights we will spend in the spa.

It's like christmas. And every day it does not arrive is so sad.
With each day we add to the decor. A Cocktail Drink holder, a towel warmer, a music station, an addition to the deck for a bar area.
So here we are. Impatiently awaiting the arrival of that navy blue marble interior and brown wicker trim tub.

1 comment:

  1. couldnt have gotten it when i lived in fredericton!