Monday, October 15, 2012

Engagements, and all their fancy romance.

A girl I know recently got engaged in a very fairytale way.
Her boy ordered a tray of cupcakes with the words "will you marry me?" and had them placed in the bakery window ready as they passed for his big romantic moment. He even had a photographer on standby for the big moment.

This guy is my new proposal true life hero. He thought of everything. And the couple is completely adorable and deserving of this romantic and perfect moment.

The pictures almost make you want to gag they are so perfect.

It made me think of my own life. How I had a romantic proposal story once. Everything was perfect, the time was right, and we toasted with champagne in the moonlight one winters night to the thought of love. In all it's perfection, Our engagement ended one year later.

And then I thought of how my current love and I had simply bargained and made an agreement that getting married was right for us. Why not. and the next thing you know, we were engaged. Nothing fancy. Just the 2 of us having a conversation, much like the one Carrie and Big had on Sex and the City; Carrie: "we should get married" Big" "Okay". Done.

How and why do we let romance slip away over time? There is nothing less exciting about my new upcoming wedding. But doing everything over. All the planning and all the stress. Sometimes it seems easier not to make a big deal over it. 

But it IS worth making  big deal over. Even if it is the second or third time around. Any commitment you make to a new person should be celebrated with all your happiness and heart. If you are lucky enough to find the right person the first time you get engaged, then you should be so happy.

Sometimes it takes a few more tries to get it right. and When the new Mr. Right does come around, you should make just as big a deal as if he was the first. Because you have learned to love again. You have overcome the walls you built from the last failed love. You have chosen to try again. To Trust in someone new, and giving them all the benefit of the doubt that they will not break your heart like the last. That deserves to be celebrated. Not neglected because "We've been there, done that."

 You have not done this already! This is a new person, and you are a new soul with that new person. You have created a new path in life together. You are pulling two new families together. There is so much new that is still on it's way for you. That is something to celebrate.

So remember to keep the romance in all you do. You are worth it. You only live once.
Hell, If I get married 5 times in this life, I will damn make sure each and every one  is better than the last! Being a survivor in love is just as miraculous as being a survivor in any life altering event.

My current engagement may have been low key, but you can bet the wedding will have all the dazzle it deserves. With each twinkle and sparkle of each romantic detail at our wedding, We will show the world how in love we are and that this blinged out bash will be the beginning of a wonderful life together. Because we both deserve it.

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  1. Reading this was exactly what I needed to hear. Just teared up a bit. So happy for you! <3