Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Woes

The venue for our After party did not pen us in. Thank God I checked on this last week.
To my dismay, they had now booked a Christmas party for the night before, and so we cannot get in to decorate before 10am on the day of the wedding.

So I decide I need a decorator.
I found one I like, and she brings out the inner princess in me.
We meet for a venue scoping date. We set the scene and planned the decor.
My initial budget was around $500....
where did this Princess end up??
After the Table linens with pin-tucked draping
The ceiling to floor panels trimmed with chandeliers,
Chair covers and sashes,
mood setting up lights,
Crystals and diamond dazzles everywhere,
and Ostrich feather centerpieces....
....the bill became 1600$ .....EEEK!

So I got on the phone to my many helpers and hashed out what to keep and what to scrap.

My New Decor Plan:
Budget was more around 500-600$
We kind of like the simple gentleman’s lounge feel of our venue. So we will keep with that theme.

1. No Sweetheart table
instead – we will just put a His and Hers sash on 2 bar chairs with a cocktail table.
                - will use centerpiece I already have – tea light crystal display and holder for my bouquet (its big, and made by SpitFire himself!)
- table cloth in burgundy
2. No Chair Covers or Sashes
3. No Black Overlays on the tables.
                - can we just have burgundy table clothes to cover them.
                - x4 Big Tables
                - x6 small cocktail tables

4. No ostrich feather center pieces
5. No 8 ceiling floor panels
6. I want sparkling snowflakes hung from the ceiling. I will provide the snowflakes. How much for you to put them up?
7. up lighting? Can this still work?
8. Yes to the Pin tuck tables in Burgundy:
                - Cake Table
                - Gift Table

It almost makes me want to cry, because I built up this image of something dazzling, and I'm left with.... Table Clothes.

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