Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wall of Death - Roller Derby Pride

The Atlantic Tournament, Slay of Fundy, went down last weekend, and it was one hell of a ride!

My team, The Daisy Cutters, did not take home any titles this year. 3 Losses and 1 Win.
But We did uphold our Under-dog status for yet another year.  People are calling us the Dark Horse, the come back kids, and most improved.
Many a game we play, we are down in the first half, and in some miracle we come back and pull ahead in the second half.

I personally played the best I have every played in my life at this tournament.

It was our 4th game of the tournament. My team was playing at a loss in the first half. We had a chat at half time saying we will go out and play hard, but there was no hope of regaining the points between us and the currently winning team, The 709 Derby Girls - The JamJams, so we planned to play hard and have fun doing it.

The second period ended, a few power jams in our favor. We Tied! 161-161!
The crowd was roaring, "One More Jam! One More Jam! One More Jam!"
We were beside ourselves with pride at this moment. We had powered our way back to the top.

A tie break 2 minute Jam was set to seal our fate. Our Coach preped us to play hard for a win, and she was putting in the wall of death....
She called the names... Dish Vicious -Jammer . .. Hammer Slammer - blocker . . . Edith Paf - Blocker . . . Eve L. Action - blocker . . . and ... Linsanity Lohan -Blocker - That's ME! Did She just put me on a tie breaker wall of death line up!!! No F***ing WAY!!! Linsanity made the final wall of death status, on a tie break jam!!!!

Most Proud moment of my derby career right there!
We were up against a big line up of girls and their Star Jammer who had played in the worlds on Team Canada - Rainbow Fight!

It was a blurr of crazy on the track. We scored points, then Rainbow fight slid by me and scored points. We scored a few more points, and they scored a few more points. We knew it was going to be deathly close.

The 2 minute jam ended.... the scores were tallied
 I remember thinking, "Damn! Why didn't I block faster, harder, better!?!"

The scores were finalied:  NFLD Jam Jam's 190 - 186 CCR Daisy Cutters

In this photo: Right to Left Daisy Cutters: Loose N. Lawless, Hammer Slammer, Linsanity Lohan, Ginger Rocket. 

A very honorable 4 point loss for our team. We played our hearts out and we won the hearts of our fans. The JamJAms Earned their win proudly and honourably.

Even as we lost other games, the fans cheered us on the loudest. People have said our games were the most notable and best watch of the tournament, next to the final championship of course.  Our Travel team should be proud of these milestones. We are all super stars now.

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