Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr. Delivery, Such a Tease

Today at work, I answered the phone to a delightful encounter, "Hello you've reached . . [Workplace name here]"
 and a voice on the other end says "I cant believe you're getting married... I'm so sorry"

Me: "Hello? is this my favorite customer?" - still not sure who it is, but this will answer that question.
Voice on Phone: "Roller Girl, Why would you do a thing like that? Get married?"
-I then recognise that voice and his teasing tone and pet name for me.
ME: "Mr. Delivery! Oh you are a meany! Don't debby-down on my wedding!" *laughing off his comments.

Mr. Delivery:  "Oh it must be the first time you're getting married? I'm sorry"
Me: "Haha! No. the second."
Mr. Delivery: "Oh God, I am sorry. Didnt learn the first time eh? Now I have even more I can tease you about. Hahaha"
Me: "You're a douche."

This is the first time we've spoken since I told him I was getting married a few weeks ago.
That day he was shocked. maybe even a little.. dare I say... sad? He definitely was not happy for me...
 He totally wants me.

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