Monday, April 23, 2012

Where ever you go, there you are ~

In a world full of work place politics, and unhappy people, you sometimes need to dig deep for a reason to keep moving forward.

The patch where I stand seems dark and muddy. a grey cloud hangs over my head.

We can throw up our arms and yell, "I Quit" to the world. and move on to greener pastures. but over time, those new pastures too will turn brown with rain and mud from being trodden down under yet more negative influences.

Again, we can choose to stay or to go. but in the end, should we stand and fight, or run from the negative in hope of finding new positive and green pastures? Always moving away. forward. backward. stuck in one place. trapped. then falling fast down hill. Are you tired of this endless journey like I am? Dont you wish you you could get a break from life just for a while. 


  1. This is completely how I feel right now!

  2. Just remember there's a limit to "standing and fighting". Don't burn yourself down by believing things will change if you stay longer.