Friday, April 27, 2012

Office Space Happy Place

Lets face it. no one likes to work. We work because we have to. I tend to get stressed easily by work, or the lack-of. If I feel unproductive in my job or struggle with a particular task I tend to be even more stressed. and sometimes the monotony of life and work drag you down. So I went in search of fun, happy, and inspiring items for my office space. work doesn't have to be hard or unhappy. Love what you do and the rest will fall into place.

 Here's what I found:

From a Website called Office Playground 

Don't just play an ordinary game of thumb wrestling at the office—challenge your co-workers to play Thumb Sumo!

Team Work Magnet Men - How Cute are they!

Hoberman Expanding Sphere 
I want one of these! Reminds me of "The Office" Micheal's Desk toys.

Have these in a Hot Pink color and love them!

Butterfly in a Jar - sound and battery powered
Bought this Yesterday and love it! The perfect desk pet, and no baby sitter or feeding needed for Holidays and days off :)

Feng Shui for your office
I also read somewhere that having rocks on your desk will help create a "solid foundation". I believe it was a Feng Shui book. Rocks create stability and strength in your job and ability to work productively. 
Psychology with Clients and coworkers - Having rocks on your desk gives visitors and clients a feeling that you are strong and reliable "like a rock".

Rock Bonsai Tree, also from Office Playground.
Rocks on my desk, picked up at the local Market :) 
1. Rock split in 2 which holds a tea light inside; and 2. a pen holder rock 
Functional and Fabulous!
 You don't have to go very far to deck out your office space either! I wandered into a little boutique downtown called "Geek Chic"  and then into Chapters to find my fun office items. and they had lots of other fun office gadgets too.

 And on my shopping adventure, if found THIS book:

The Book Of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money In Your Pocket, And Othersimple, Brilliantthings

Happy thoughts bring happiness to life. 
 and nothing cures the work blues like a good dose of shopping :D (or a big glass of wine )
Shop on my friends!

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