Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Potential Dreamboat

I walked into the scene, to find the bartender asking my date, "So you're hiring! can I send you my resume?"
Well, that's a good first impression! I know he has a job, and some sort of authority for hiring. This is a sign he has his shit together and life in order. No young boy drama. and the rest of the night went continuously as well.

I spent 3 hours just talking to this guy, swapping life values and insights. we picked life apart right down to the seems. and it was fun. I usually have a 1 hour dating rule for first meetings. But it just flew by and I didnt realize the time until the bar started clearing out around us.

But he was hard to read. He was good at making the situation comfortable, and his chatter made it seem like he might be interested in seeing me again. But his body language was all off. I have a small degree in Psychology, and sometimes it's really helpful to know whats going on with someone by their social cues, things they dont realize they are putting out. But sometimes I analyze these guys, and it just distracts me when they do not give off the right signs so I get nervous and scared of rejection and do this.....

I accidentally made it awkward as F***
I realized the time, and text my rommie discreetly, to come pick me up (i gave her my car, since I was drinking, so I had a safe ride to and from this date) When She arrived, I had to cut this guy off and run out. He was kind of shocked that I wouldn't let him drive me home. and pulled the surprise ending on him. *but here's another rule of mine: you dont get to know where I live, on the first date/meet. It's part of the, keep them wanting more, and keep yourself safe first, strategy.
So we parted ways, in an awkward goodbye.

I sent him a good morning text the next day to try and gloss over the awkward ending we had had to the almost perfect date. Who knows if I will see him again. I can only say, I hope so.


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