Monday, February 27, 2012

My Funny Moments

Mr. Masturbater messages me on POF again : “can I help you?”
I talk out loud to myself and say “Eww gross Why won’t you go way!”
RoommateN sitting behind me on couch, starts laughing out loud at this statement, and then I show her who messaged me :P she laughes even harder.


Surfing a guy’s profile on dating site. Thinking out loud to myself: “Why isn’t there a poke button on this thing? I want to poke you.”
RoommateN,  starts laughing at this statement.
I clarify: “oops, that sounds bad doesn’t it? I meant like on facebook”
RoommanteN: “You really meant -I want to stick my penis in you!” *laughs hysterically at me* We both crack up *ROFL*

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