Monday, February 27, 2012

The "B" Word

Its been 3 weeks since we met. and we've spent every moment we can together.
He's done the little things that make him so much more than just another guy. Like bringing over a new box of dish soap because I was out. and getting the snow-blower working again. and dropping in to work just to bring me a coffee an say hello.

and this past weekend, we mutually started using the terms, boyfriend & girlfriend.
Yup. I said it. "My Boyfriend"
It just happened, and I didnt take it back.  and it was nice.
No fuss was made, no discussion took place. It just came out. and we both smiled. and that was that.
He calls me his, and I call him mine.
This is how it should be. Easy, natural, mutually connected and on the same page. No guessing games. Just happiness when we're together, and eagerness when we are apart.

 (image from weheartit)

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