Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Girlfriends Guide to: Awkward dates

Situation: Youtube Guy and I went out for coffee. He drove. He gets nervous easily, and cant parallel park downtown, so He parked at a funeral home. from there we walked to the coffee shop. He was so embarrassed by this that he didnt call me for 2 months.


Situation: Anything to do with food. for me, this is an instant awkward date.
I hate eating in front of people I dont know. I feel like I might choke on my food, cuz I'm nervous around this new person. OR what if I get food stuck in my teeth, or goo smudged across my face. How unglamorous. and I especially dislike when people eat messy things in front of me on a first date, like chicken wings, or ribs. It's just gross. Especially when they start licking and sucking their fingers.... sick.


Helpful Solutions:
I suggest having a pocket full of random "fun facts" as I call them. and weird fun questions. *google "table topics" for some good ideas*

5 Awkward Date Situations – Solved

a helpful link from cosmo :)

~When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Is it close to what they do now?
~What sound, other than ringing, would you want your telephone to make?

~Are there UFO/aliens visiting earth?
~who's your favorite Super Hero

Share with them:
Unknown facts about the city/town you live in. There's always a hidden waterfall down a dirt road outside the city, or a little pub hidden in an ally that has the best home brew. or a coffee shop that sells choc. chip cookies the size of your face!

Get creative, and live actively. Eventually, you will just be a super awesome interesting person and conversation will flow naturally. and make the most of those awkward situations. Laughing at yourself can be a cure for the awkward as well.

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