Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He's a 10 Pointer!

On the weekend I scored a 10 pointer. I bagged the token male.
If you hunt, it's like catching a 10 point Moose or Deer.
If you play sports, it's like winning a championship game.
If you shop, it's like finding that perfect pair of shoes. They have your size... in every color. AND they are on super sale!
If you like Twilight, this guy is like a hot Jacob.

This guy is tall, dark and so handsome. We've partied together a few times, and have known each other through mutual friends for a while now. But I always thought he was out of my league. He's just to beautiful. I thought, a guy like that could never like a girl like me.

We didn't start off on a good note either. The first night we met, He said something stupid to the effect of :"I wanna hate-f*** a girl tonight!"
and I tor a strip off of him, called him a pig, and made it known he was one of the most revolting men on earth at that point. In short, I have a mean streek, and when I get pissed off, my friends all duck for cover and watch it rain hail. He had pushed that button.
He apologized for what he said at a party this past Christmas, and we agreed to be friends. This was nice, because he's so cute, and even if I hated him, I still loved to look at him. and he always came with a group of cute boys in tow to the parties we both frequented.

This past weekend...
He came to my house party. It was Pirate Themed. I was wearing a Pirate-Wench corset and fishnets. I guess this combo would turn any mans crank. We started talking. He told me that he thinks I'm beautiful. and Then I went for it. We hooked up.
We went for Bfast the next morning with a group of friends, and he picked up my tab. He asked for my number, and to see me again. *swoon*
This guy is a big win for me.

*all smiles*