Friday, January 13, 2012

My Coworker and Me, Entry #2

Ever work with someone who talks the whole time they are working. Mostly about nonsense, or things that dont pertain to you? If you find them extremely annoying, you and I could never work together. I'm that person. I just "think out loud". I have a verbal learning style, and work best with practical application by doing.

And my coworker thinks the things I think are things that are thrilling. She often bursts into laughter when I think out loud for to long. This usually happens when I get frustrated with my work; as I have the most random comments for myself and my work when getting frustrated.

I was listening to Justin Bieber one morning, and working on an entry which would not function and add properly. ( I deal with whole sale goods and distribution, so much of my job is number crunching) I got frustrated and my mind couldn't process anything with the shrill voice of JB in the background any longer. So I started yelling "Shut the hell up Justin!!! I cant take you anymore!" and my coworker nearly bust a gut laughing at my outburst.

The End.

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